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The college administration has an obligation to inform both employees and students about local, state, and federal issues.  This must be conducted in a fair, open, non-partisan manner, offering diverse views.  All employees are encouraged to register to vote and to encourage students to register to vote.

Employees and students are also encouraged to participate in forums and read material about candidates and issues.

Employees and students may even become more actively involved in the political process as candidates or supporters of candidates with the exception of the president and vice presidents.  However, employees must be careful to maintain the professionalism of their primary obligation to the college.  Therefore: 

  1. No employee shall engage in political activity (i.e., fundraising, copying or printing campaign materials, soliciting political support, etc.) while on the job during working hours, perform services for political candidates using the resources of the college (e.g. copying materials, borrowing or lending technology, etc.), or be obligated to contribute to an election campaign, political party or political club, or to render political service.
  2. No employee may use any Howard Community College property or symbol (e.g. logo, signage) in any political campaign materials or activities.
  3. No employee may solicit funds for political purposes on campus.  No retribution can be taken against any employee or student who does not accept an invitation to a political event or contribute money to a candidate, or render political service.

(For Howard Community College Board of Trustees’ policies, see: Board of Trustees)

 Effective Date:  11/4/2003