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College Property

At Howard Community College, the use of all college property must be consistent with the college mission and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and information, while encouraging resource sharing and collaborative projects in education and research.

Use of college personnel to perform non-college-related tasks during work hours and personal use of all college equipment, materials and supplies is ordinarily not permitted.  Personal use constitutes any non-college-related use whether it is for an individual or an outside organization. In the rare case where permission is granted for personal use by the appropriate authority, the college must be reimbursed for the fair market value of the service.  Assistance in determining the fair market value may be obtained from the business office.

When college property is loaned to college employees or to any other individuals or organizations, proper authorization is required.  The appropriate area of the college establishes processes for the distribution and tracking of any college asset that is part of a loan program.

Violation of this procedure may result in disciplinary action or dismissal.

Effective Date:  05/10/13