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College Policy Number/Title:

The security office and respective division offices issue employee identification cards at the time of employment when the appropriate forms are initiated and endorsed.  All college employees must obtain an identification card.  This card enables employees to use the college library and campus athletic facilities and to obtain discounts for designated commercial and professional services in the community. 

Identification cards are issued from the following areas accordingly:

            Division Office:            Standard ID card with typed name (no picture); and

                                               Access card (no picture).

            Security Office:            ID card with name and picture; and

                                               Access card with name and picture.

It is the responsibility of each college employee to obtain the appropriate ID cards.  An access card with a picture can also serve as an ID card.  Information on acquiring keys and access cards can be found at college procedure 63.09.05 Keys/Access Cards. Upon resignation from the college, keys and access cards are to be returned as part of the college’s separation procedures.  Additional information can be found at college procedure 63.03.06 Resignation.

Effective Date:  5/14/2004