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Employees are expected to report to work on time, as set forth by departmental policy in accordance with departmental needs and consistent with college policy. Employees should call their supervisors if they will be late. A pattern of repeated lateness will be cause for review by supervisors in accordance with college policy.

Advance Approval of Leave: 

In order to maintain a productive, service-oriented environment in the college community, regular attendance of all faculty and staff is essential.  Absences from work must be approved in advance on a "Request for Leave" form available in the office of human resources. 

Emergency Call-Ins: 

When employees call in to say they will be absent on that day, without prior written approval, this is called “emergency call-in.”  This could be for illness or for other reasons.  In these cases, employees must request leave verbally from their supervisors no later than the first hour-and-a-half of the scheduled work day.  Some departments may set up special procedures requiring that employees call prior to the beginning of the work day.  Leaving a message on the supervisor’s phone-mail, e-mail or fax are acceptable modes of communication unless the supervisor has requested otherwise.  Written documentation should follow if the employee is absent from work for more than five days.

Patterns of Absences: 

A pattern of absences will be cause for a review by supervisors, in keeping with departmental needs and college policy.  Disciplinary action may be taken if adequate medical certification or other explanation does not account for the absences.  One specific example of a pattern that will be cause for review is repeated “emergency call-ins.”  Each instance of an “emergency call-in” is called an “occurrence.”  Employees are not expected to have more than three separate occurrences of emergency call-ins over the course of a rolling six months without written medical certification.

Medical Certification: 

For emergency call-in occurrences beyond three, medical certification may be required, after consultation with human resources.  It should be noted that some absences may be due to reasons covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA – Procedure 63.08.15) and this will be addressed in the consultation with human resources.   Any possible employee requests for reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will also be covered in the HR consultation.

Ineligibility for Paid Leave: 

If medical certification is requested after the third occurrence and not provided, the employee will not be eligible for paid leave for occurrences beyond the three.

Disciplinary Action: 

Following consultation with human resources, additional disciplinary action may be taken at the fourth occurrence and beyond or for other patterns of excessive absenteeism or lateness.

Absence without Leave or Authorization: 

An employee who is absent from work without requesting authorization from their supervisor will be considered absent without leave.   If the absence without requested authorized leave reaches three consecutive working days, the Voluntary Quit provision of  “Resignation" procedure 63.03.06 will apply.

College Business: 

Absences due to official college business must be authorized in advance by the immediate supervisor according to routine procedures described in the "Employee Leave" section 63.08 of this manual.

Also see  "Employee Leave" policy 63.08 and related procedures for specific leave provisions.

Effective Date: 5/7/2002