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Any employee who is in a budgeted full-time position is eligible to apply for professional leave.  Professional leave is not available to employees during the probationary period.

Purposes, Processes and Time Limits  

Professional leave without pay may be granted at the discretion of the president for a period not to exceed one year, except with the approval of the board of trustees. Professional leave provides an option for eligible employees who want to pursue objectives directly or indirectly related to their job, but for whom administrative or sabbatical leave is not available.  All requests for professional leave should be submitted on a "Request for Leave" form for approval through normal supervisory channels.  If a professional leave is authorized, the contract of employment shall be reduced by the period of leave, unless it is extended by the leave period upon written recommendation of the immediate supervisor and area vice president with approval of the president.  A written report documenting leave accomplishments will be required within 30 days after the leave is completed.

Benefits and Compensation Increases During Professional Leave  

During a professional leave, the college will defray the institutional share of health insurance.  Merit pay may be added to the post leave salary if prior approval has been given and if the leave objectives are satisfactorily accomplished based on assessment by the immediate supervisor and the area vice president with the approval of the president.  Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), if any, would also be available.

Accrual of Leave and Automatic Leave Sequence

  1. Accrual of leave means the accumulation of leave which is added periodically (each pay period) to an employee's leave balance.  Leave that is used is subtracted from the leave balance.  The leave balance is shown on employee's bi-monthly pay statements and is also shown on cost center administrators' leave reports which are available to all supervisors.  All leave balances are positive numbers of leave hours available. 
  2. Individuals do not accrue vacation days or sick leave while on professional leave.  In addition, professional leave is not accrued but only granted by the president.
  3. Only approved leave balances may be used.  If leave is taken which has not yet been accrued by an employee, an Automatic Leave Sequence will be used.  This sequence will be specified for each type of leave for which an Automatic Leave Sequence would be applicable.
  4. There is no Automatic Leave Sequence for professional leave.
Effective Date:  12/10/2002