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Howard Community College grants full-time and part-time, budgeted and temporary with benefits employees personal leave.  Personal leave is intended for religious holidays and observance, funerals of individuals not in the immediate family, extension of sick leave, FMLA covered events, and urgent personal business that can only be handled during the business day.  

All requests for personal leave should be submitted on a "Request for Leave" form for approval through normal supervisory channels.  At the end of the fiscal year, unused personal leave will be credited to the employee's sick leave balance.  Personal leave is available to employees during the probationary period.

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) 

An employee may use personal leave for FMLA covered events; such leave will be used concurrently with FMLA approved leave.  Whenever an employee requests leave for an FMLA covered event, the employee shall be required to exhaust all accrued sick leave, annual leave, and personal leave prior to being placed in unpaid leave status.  See procedure 63.08.15, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Leave.

Amount of Personal Leave Granted  

Full-time, budgeted and temporary with benefits employees receive four personal leave days each fiscal year.  New full-time employees are granted personal leave on the following pro-rated basis.

July 1 - September 30Four Days
October 1 - December 31Three Days
January 1 - March 31Two Days
April 1 - June 30One Day

Part-time and ten-month budgeted and temporary with benefits employees receive personal leave on a pro-rated basis to reflect the percentage of a full-time work schedule the employee is authorized to work.

Accrual of Leave and Automatic Leave Sequence

  • Personal leave is not accrued but is granted each July 1 for that fiscal year.
  • Individuals accrue vacation days and sick leave while on personal leave.
  • Only approved leave balances may be used.  If leave is taken for which an employee does not have an available balance, an automatic leave sequence will be used.  This sequence will be specified for each type of leave for which an automatic leave sequence would be applicable.
  • The automatic leave sequence for personal leave is as follows: personal leave; annual leave; leave without pay.

Effective Date:  12/6/13