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Liberal leave conditions may be declared by the president or designee during periods when the college is open and serious weather or other emergency conditions exist.  It is expected that employees will use their judgment to determine if they can report to work without taking unnecessary risks regarding their safety.  In the event, an employee determines that they can not report to work without taking unnecessary risk and liberal leave has not been declared then a request can be made to a direct supervisor and the supervisor is authorized to determine liberal leave for employees in their department.  When liberal leave procedures are in effect, employees may request to use leave time on an emergency basis without the usual advance notice when they determine that road or weather conditions may jeopardize their safety.  Requests for liberal leave will generally be approved unless college operations will be severely impaired by the employee's absence.  During liberal leave, essential employees may still be required to work.  When approved, liberal leave taken will be reported by the employee as one of the following types of leave in the progression listed: personal, annual, and leave without pay.

Effective Date:  12/6/2006