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  1. College full-time and part-time employees in budgeted positions are entitled to leave with pay to perform jury duty. This leave is available to employees during the probationary period.
  2. For other court appearances, personal or annual leave may be used. Some individual subpoenas may occasionally warrant leave with pay. These leaves will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  3. For all jury duty and court appearances, a "Request for Leave" form must be completed.

Approval Process and Other Information

Employees are expected to provide their supervisors with official notification from the courts so that arrangements can be made for work coverage during the absence. Employees on jury duty will be expected to work as much of their regular work hours as the jury duty permits to the extent that combined time on jury duty and at work does not exceed the normal authorized work schedule. In accordance with state law, the employee is not expected to reimburse the college for expense money received from the court system for jury duty; however, employees are expected to reimburse the college for any wages or salary paid for jury duty in any jurisdiction.

Accrual of Leave and Automatic Leave Sequence

  1. Accrual of leave means the accumulation of leave that is added periodically (each pay period) to an employee's leave balance. There is no accrual of jury duty leave which is granted only when required.
  2. Individuals accrue annual and sick leave while on jury duty leave. Jury duty leave is not accrued.
  3. Only approved leave balances may be used. If leave is taken which has not yet been accrued by an employee, an automatic leave sequence will be used. This sequence will be specified for each type of leave for which an automatic leave sequence would be applicable.
  4. There is no automatic leave sequence, leave balance, or accrual for jury duty, since jury duty leave is available only if an employee is required to serve.
Effective Date:  11/14/2008