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  1. All position control/budgeted employees are eligible for holiday leave.  Holiday benefits are pro-rated for part-time, position control/budgeted employees.  Temporary employees are not eligible for holiday pay.
  2. In order to be eligible for holiday pay, an employee must be in pay status for five days before and five days after the holiday.  Part-time, position control/budgeted employees must be scheduled to work on the holiday in order to be eligible for holiday pay.  If an employee is on less than full-time pay status (e.g. part-time, position control/budgeted status or short-term disability status), the holiday pay will be pro-rated.
  3. If the employee has given a resignation notice, the employee must work for at least one week after the holiday in order to be paid. 
  4. Holiday leave is available to employees during the probationary period.


Howard Community College, which provides 17-19 paid holidays each year for all full-time, position control/budgeted employees, observes the days as follows:


New Year's DayJanuary 1 
Martin Luther King, Jr. DayOne Day* 
Spring BreakFive Days* 
Memorial DayLast Monday in May 
Independence DayJuly 4 
Labor DayFirst Monday in September 
ThanksgivingFourth Thursday/Friday in November 
Winter BreakFive to Seven Days* 

Dates for observances marked with asterisks (*) are set each academic year to avoid conflict with the instructional schedule.  In certain years when the winter break includes only five paid days of holiday leave, an additional "floating" holiday will be designated during the year.  In addition, if a designated national holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the college may elect to specify the paid day of holiday leave on a Friday or Monday.    

Work on Scheduled Holiday

If a non-exempt employee is required to work on a scheduled holiday, the employee will be eligible for compensatory time at the premium rate of time and a half or will be paid for hours worked at the premium rate.  If an exempt employee is required to work on a scheduled holiday, the employee will be eligible for compensatory time at a straight time rate or will be paid for hours worked at a straight time rate.  If the employee is not required to work but rather makes a request to work on a holiday that is approved, the non-exempt employee will be provided compensatory time at the straight time rate.  Employees will be notified by supervisors in advance (when possible)** whether they are scheduled to work during the holiday and whether the work is optional or required.  If the work is required, it will be considered a “condition of employment,” which means that the employee must accept the scheduled work in order to keep his/her job.

Accrual of Leave and Automatic Leave Sequence

There is no automatic leave sequence for holiday leave. 

** Advance notice is not always possible; in such cases the Emergency Call In Procedure 63.04.13 will apply or the On-Call Status Procedure 63.04.14.

Effective Date:  11/14/2008