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Administrative leave will be considered according to potential institutional benefit and contingent upon availability of financial resources and other considerations. Full-time, budgeted/position control administrative, professional/technical, and support group members who have completed five years of continuous full-time employment at Howard Community College are eligible to apply for administrative leaves with pay and the college portion of benefits to pursue professional growth objectives or to carry out special projects specified by the administration. Administrative leave will be considered according to potential institutional benefit and contingent upon availability of financial resources and other considerations. Time granted for other types of leave, other than paid sick leave, will not be included in the calculation of total years of continuous service. Such leave, however, will not interrupt the accrual of years of continued service. Applicants must complete an additional five years of continuous service from their prior administrative leave to be eligible for another. Any full-time administrative, professional/technical, or support group member facing retrenchment may be considered for administrative leave regardless of length of service if retraining is appropriate and approved.

Leave proposals will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  1. evidence that the objectives of the administrative leave would contribute to the attainment of the college's goals and objectives;
  2. evidence that the objectives of the administrative leave would contribute to the professional growth of the individual;
  3. evidence of past achievements within the institution as measured by such factors as merit, promotion, service, etc.; and
  4. evidence that attainment of objectives of the administrative leave are realistic in terms of time, costs and staff member's ability to achieve goals based on past experiences and formal educational background.

Length of Leave
Individuals applying for administrative leave may choose a leave period of three or six months with full pay or one year at half pay. As an alternative form of administrative leave, an eligible employee may propose a leave to fit individual plans and college needs, providing that the total period of leave does not exceed one year. 

Application Process

  1. Proposals outlining leave objectives should be submitted with a completed "Request for Leave" form to supervisors for review and approval prior to October 1 of the year preceding the planned administrative leave.
  2. Supervisors will evaluate proposals, including the estimated costs of replacement, and forward with comment to the area vice president.
  3. Based on the endorsements received, the area vice president will recommend candidates for administrative leave to the president with actual costs of replacement. Leaves of three months or less will be considered for approval by the president; leaves over three months require board approval.
  4. Candidates will be notified by December 1 of the action taken.

Cancellation of Leave
The granting of administrative leaves is contingent upon the college's ability to maintain continuity of service and the availability of adequate financial resources. If insufficient funds exist to meet institutional needs, the president may curtail or cancel administrative leaves. If, after approval by the board of trustees, it becomes necessary for the college to cancel an administrative leave, the applicant will receive priority for administrative leave the next fiscal year if the proposal still meets the specified criteria. If an individual has been recommended for administrative leave and withdraws the application or decides not to take leave, the applicant will not receive priority in a subsequent year. Either the original proposal in updated form or a new proposal must be submitted if leave is again requested. 

Post-Leave Requirements
If employees granted administrative leave do not return to their positions for at least one year following the leave period, they will be required to return the full amount of compensation received while on leave. If an individual's position is abolished during the period of administrative leave, the leave compensation does not have to be repaid to the college. 

Upon completion of the administrative leave, the employee shall submit within 30 days following return from leave a report detailing the results of the leave, including: 

  1. an account of activities during leave, e.g., travel itineraries, institutions visited, persons consulted, etc.;
  2. a statement of specific outcomes achieved; and
  3. a complete accounting of all sources of financial support other than the administrative stipend.

Changes in Leave Proposal
If, while on leave, an individual finds that the administrative leave proposal cannot be completed as originally approved, the following must occur: 

  1. The individual must inform the area vice president in writing of the changes being proposed. Upon review by the vice president and the president, the employee will be notified of what changes are acceptable relative to leave conditions and requirements. 
  2. In the event that the leave project is not carried out in accordance with the approved plan or modifications, the employee on leave will be required to reimburse the college in full for funds expended in connection with the leave.

Concurrent Funding
Discovery of unreported outside compensation during the period of leave will result in the immediate reduction in a like amount of the administrative stipend if the leave is still in process. Should funds remaining in the administrative stipend be inadequate to liquidate the additional unreported remuneration, or should the administrative leave have been completed, the employee will be required to return a like amount to the college within six months of the discovery of the unreported compensation. Individuals will be required to agree to the above conditions prior to the granting of the administrative leave.

Compensation and Benefits

  1. The administrative leave salary shall be the base compensation normally applicable for the leave period excluding any fellowship, stipends or other funding sources. It shall be either the annual base salary pro-rated for three or six months or half of the annual base salary for a full year of administrative leave.
  2. Individuals on administrative leave shall be eligible to receive the full college contribution to benefits during the leave period and the employee will continue to contribute to those benefits as specified in the employee benefits program.
  3. Employees may be eligible for merit depending on the outcome of approved projects.

Administrative Leave Pending Fact-finding Process
Following an incident requiring fact-finding processes (such as an allegation of misconduct), the college may need to place employees on administrative leave pending the results of such fact finding. Any full- or part-time time leave-eligible employee who may have been involved in an incident may be placed on administrative leave by the president until the fact finding is complete, and/or until any legal action is complete, and/or until the president decides to assign the employee to the same or an alternate work assignment, and/or until a decision is made about any disciplinary action to be taken.

Administrative Leave Pending Discharge or Resignation
In cases where an employee has resigned or has been discharged, it may be in the best interests of the college to have the employee leave the campus prior to the actual resignation or termination date. In such cases, the president may place the employee on administrative leave for a set amount of time so that the employee will not be present in the work place but will continue to be paid.

Accrual of Leave and Automatic Leave Sequence

  1. Accrual of leave means the accumulation of leave that is added periodically (each pay period) to an employee's leave balance. Leave that is used is subtracted from the leave balance. All leave balances are positive numbers of leave hours available.  
  2. Individuals shall not accrue annual or sick leave while on administrative leave.
  3. There is no automatic leave sequence for administrative leave.
Effective Date:  11/14/2008