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College Policy Number/Title:

The Helping Hands Fund was established to provide emergency financial assistance for eligible employees that experience extreme situations (i.e. disability, or household disaster, etc.)


Eligible employees in good standing with the college include:

  • full- and part-time position control/budgeted employees  
  • adjunct faculty and temporary employees, with at least five years of service
  • Exceptions to this can only be made with approval from the President or Vice President.
Disbursement Requirements
  • This fund shall not be used to pay tuition, fees or book costs.
  • Disbursements are limited based on available funds.
  • The same individual may only obtain a disbursement once in a twelve-month period.
Request Procedure

The employee will submit a written request to the office of human resources with supporting documentation to verify a justifiable need.


A group of three or four human resource personnel will review each request within three working days of receipt of the formal written request.  Documentation of the dire emergency must be submitted with the request.  Upon approval, a check request will be submitted to the development office, with a goal to have a check available within five working days of request.

Effective Date:  2/4/2003