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College employees may be eligible for benefits as provided under Maryland law for injuries sustained as a result of their assigned work.  The benefits may include medical treatment, hospitalization and wage reimbursement.  Injuries that are self-inflicted or due to intoxication, drug use or willful misconduct will not be covered under workers' compensation benefits.


If you are involved in a work injury, it must be reported to the office of human resources as soon as possible.  All injured employees must complete the "Howard County Employee Incident/Injury Report," which will be provided by the office of human resources or the employee's supervisor.  This report must be completed and returned to your supervisor as soon as possible.  Failure of the employee to complete the injury report may jeopardize the employee's workers' compensation benefits.  Any employee who files a fraudulent workers' compensation claim will be subject to legal action and immediate dismissal.

Medical Visits

If medical treatment is necessary, employees are encouraged to attend Concentra Medical Center, located at 6656 Dobbin Road, Columbia, Maryland.  Employees are encouraged to schedule medical appointments during off work hours.  Recognizing that this is not always possible, employees who attend Concentra Medical Center during their work hours will be paid at the regular salary rate.  If an employee attends a medical appointment during work hours with a physician besides Concentra, they will have to use any available leave they may have.  The employee should inform the physician/hospital that it is a work-related injury.  Time cards or attendance sheets should be marked with "Workers' Compensation-Concentra Visit" for any hours spent at the Concentra Medical Center.  Any time an employee misses from work MUST be documented with a doctor's note.

Medical Bills

Injured workers' who have completed an employee incident report must submit all bills, medical records and related materials to the office of human resources upon receipt.

Wage Reimbursement

If an employee is involved in a work related injury and cannot return to work, the time that they miss from work must be charged to any available leave that they may have.  Once the injury has been determined to be covered under workers' compensation, leave benefits may be reimbursed to the employee at the rate as allowed by Maryland State Law, as follows:

  1. Wages will be reimbursed at 2/3rds of the employees' average weekly wage.
  2. No compensation is paid for the first three calendar days after the beginning of a disability unless the disability lasts for at least 15 days total.  If the 15 day limit is met or exceeded, the first three days will be covered retroactively.
  3. If the disability lasts between one and 14 days inclusive, only day four through the end of the disability will be covered under Workers' Compensation.

An employee may elect to use accrued sick, personal or annual leave to make up the difference between regular gross salary and payments received under workers' compensation.  If an injury is not covered under worker's compensation, an employee may use sick, personal or annual leave, or may request short-term disability or leave without pay subject to the procedures regarding each.  Additional leave is not accrued while the employee is receiving workers' compensation benefits.  When all accrued leave is exhausted or employment ceases only benefits under workers' compensation may be available.  (Also, see "Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Leave" procedure 63.08.15.)

Return to Work

If an employee is able to return to work in a modified duty capacity, it is the employee's responsibility to notify their supervisor and the supervisor's responsibility to work with Howard County Risk Management and the office of human resources in an attempt to provide a modified duty position for the employee.  An injured employee returning to work in regular duty capacity must provide the office of human resources with a medical release from the physician affirming that the employee is able to resume job duties.  In addition, the employee may be required to attend a fitness for duty evaluation as requested.

Effective Date:  8/1/2000