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Adjunct Faculty Tuition Reimbursement Program (as part of the new Adjunct Faculty Development Program)

  1. Howard Community College has a limited tuition reimbursement program for adjunct faculty.
  2. The program will only cover courses taken at HCC, and priority will be given to applications for courses that will enhance the adjunct faculty’s execution of their responsibilities at HCC. 
  3. The program is a tuition reimbursement rather than a tuition waiver, so the adjunct faculty must pay the initial course costs at the time of registration. After presenting documentation of successful completion of the course to the division chair, adjunct faculty who have been approved for reimbursement will be reimbursed by the college for tuition and fees.  The college will not reimburse costs for courses that are not successfully completed. 
  4. The tuition reimbursement plan does not cover the cost of books and course materials. 
  5. Since the anticipated requests for the program are expected to be far greater than the resources, tuition reimbursement applications will be prioritized so that the funds available have the broadest impact. To that end, no adjunct faculty person will receive tuition reimbursement for more than one course during any college year and the total reimbursement amount will not exceed the equivalent cost of a 4 credit course. 
  6. Tuition reimbursement applications are due by August 1st for the fall semester, by December 1st for the intersession (winter Session), by January 3rd for the spring semester, by May 1st for summer I, and by June 1st for summer II.  Tuition reimbursement forms for continuing education courses are due at least two weeks prior to the start of the course. 
  7. Adjunct faculty tuition reimbursement application forms are available in the division offices.  Completed application forms go to the division chair for his or her review and recommendation.  Faculty will receive notification the week following the due dates. 
  8. This program will be administered by the academic area.

Effective Date:  2/19/10