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Any full- and part-time position control/budgeted employee of the college who enrolls, during non-working hours, in any class at Howard Community College that has at least ten regularly enrolled students is exempt from payment of tuition.

  1. In accordance with Maryland law, employees will not be allowed to take courses during regular working hours as defined by their supervisors.
  2. Tuition waiver approval must be obtained prior to course registration.  Forms may be obtained in the office of human resources.
  3. Employee registration will be on a space available basis only.
  4. Tuition only is waived; all other costs incurred will be paid by the employee.  For courses taken at Howard Community College, which are job-, career-, or degree- related, employees may request to have fees deferred, provided the employees agree to pay the fees if the course is not completed successfully.  Employees must agree to have an automatic payroll deduction if it is necessary to refund the fees.  Paperwork to request the exemption is available in the office of human resources.
  5. Other fees may be eligible for reimbursement under "Tuition/Fee Reimbursement" procedure 63.07.13.

All full- and part-time position control/budgeted employees must complete a tuition waiver form and obtain the approvals and signatures, prior to registration.

Effective Date:  7/1/2004