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Employees who take steps to increase their knowledge, skills and overall effectiveness in the work place usually become more productive on the job.  Howard Community College encourages its faculty and staff to participate in faculty and employee development programs.

A comprehensive faculty development program is provided for all full-time faculty in position control/budgeted positions through one of the division chairpersons as designated by the vice president of academic affairs.  A similar faculty development program is also offered to adjunct faculty.

The Cross-functional Professional Development Team has been formed to examine long-range organizational development and professional development issues including core competencies with other competencies to follow.

The college’s comprehensive employee training and professional development program will be driven by core competencies and other job-related competencies.  A wide range of staff development sessions are scheduled each semester and listed on the web.  Supervisors are expected to arrange staffing and coverage so that employees may take advantage of these offerings.  Department heads are held accountable for ensuring that all staff members participate in a minimum of 10 hours of job-related training, not including required training such as diversity training, mandated programs such as sexual harassment avoidance or required college information sessions.  This is a minimum and it is recognized that all jobs require continuing training and development.

The faculty and employee development programs work cooperatively so that the programs in faculty development may be offered to other employees if possible; all programs in the employee training and development program are offered to faculty.

In addition to the in-service opportunities available, employees can also take advantage of tuition waiver and tuition reimbursement; these procedures are described elsewhere in "Benefits" policy 63.07.  College-sponsored individual or institutional memberships in professional organizations must be authorized according to normal budget approval processes.

Effective Date:  8/1/2000