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College Procedure Number/Title:

Howard Community College develops and maintains personnel policies and procedures that are in compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations; administers them in a consistent and impartial manner and designs them enhance the relationship between the college and its employees and advance the mission of the college.  All positions will be classified according to job responsibilities into a compensation structure that is internally consistent and externally competitive according to available resources.  Job descriptions will be reviewed regularly by supervisors to ensure that all qualifications are job related and to uphold affirmative action and equal employment opportunity.  Employee records relating to job qualifications, performance, and other personnel matters are confidential and will be retained only in the office of human resources as the employee's official personnel file.  Due to the confidential nature of employee records, the college will provide information only to reference inquiries that have been authorized in writing by the employee.  All requests for information about current, retired, and separated employees must be referred to the office of human resources.

Effective Date:  11/14/14