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Service Awards

The college recognizes dedicated service and the value of the skill, knowledge, and judgment gained through years of experience.  All full- and part-time position control/budgeted employees with a minimum of five years of service are acknowledged at an annual campus event.  Additional five-year milestones meeting the same service criteria are honored as well. 

If a full- or part-time, position control/budgeted employee has resigned and is rehired by the college within two years, the employee will receive credit toward their service calculations for those prior years.

Faculty and Staff Achievement Awards

Special achievement awards may be given annually to a full-time faculty member, adjunct faculty, and staff in recognition of exceptional performance of assigned duties. 


  • Inspiring Faculty
  • Adjunct Faculty Awards
  • Support Group Employee of the Year
  • Professional/Technical Employee of the Year
  • Administrative/Division Chair Employee of the Year
  • Hourly/Temporary/Contractual Employee of the Year

Faculty or Adjunct Faculty Award Procedures  

The criterion for faculty awards is teaching excellence.  The schedule and process for the faculty awards will be determined by academic affairs staff.

Staff Award Procedures (Support Group; Professional/Technical; Administrative/Division Chair; Hourly/Temporary/Contractual)

Attributes to consider for nomination may include but are not limited to:

  • Dedication:  Showed exceptional drive and commitment to HCC's mission:  "Providing pathways to success;" vision: "a place to discover greatness in yourself and others;" or values: "innovation, nurturing, sustainability, partnerships, integrity, respect, excellence, service." 
  • Customer Service: This individual provided exceptional service to help someone "get there from here.”  This service includes not only helping students who come to HCC to pursue their goals, but also promoting the college and working with external constituencies.
  • Unsung Service:  This individual may not have a highly visible or customer relations role, but has made a significant contribution to the college. Contributions could include improving a process, saving money, or solving a problem.
  • Innovation:  Broke out of the "it's-always-been-done-this-way" mentality in order to improve a process or service.
  • Leadership:  Organized, inspired, and led a group of people to the successful completion of an endeavor.
  • Community Service:  Represented HCC in service to an external group, organization, or event.

Awards and Recognition

  1. Nominees receive a letter of commendation from the president, which goes into their human resources file or to the external firm if they are a contractual employee.
  2. Awardees receive letters from the president, certificates of recognition, bookstore gift certificates, and recognition at the Howard Community College spring convocation.


  1. January of each year – president opens nomination process
  2. March  – nominations due
  3. April  – nominations sorted and delivered to the president or area vice presidents
  4. April – president congratulates nominees with a letter of commendation
  5. April – president’s staff forwards nominees names to college council
  6. May – college council members select the four awardees (one from support group; professional/technical; administrative/division chair; and hourly/temporary/contractual) and forward the names to the president's team liaison. 
  7. May – awardees are recognized at spring convocation
  8. May – letters go in nominees and awardees personnel files or to the external firm if they are contractual employees 

Effective Date:  9/14/12