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Definition of Classification 

Positions are evaluated based on the nature of the work performed, educational requirements and other knowledge. The specific factors used in evaluating jobs effective July 1, 1999 are:  (1) Job Complexity; (2) Education and Experience; (3) Scope and Impact;  (4) Supervision Received; (5) Working Relationships; (6) Work Environment; (7) Physical Demands.  The resulting outcome of the evaluation is called the "classification" of a position.

Process of Classification 

In evaluating and classifying positions, the college uses any one or more of the following:  job descriptions, personal interviews, position description review forms (PDR), and desk audits.  These provide a detailed basis for evaluating the nature and complexity of the work.  Requests for classifying new positions or reclassifying existing ones are initiated by the appropriate supervisor during the budget planning process for review by the area vice president and the office of human resources during the college's annual planning cycle. 

Result of Classification 

The classification of a job may or may not result in a promotion and may or may not result in compensation adjustments for the incumbent.  Normally, when a job is reclassified as part of a college-wide compensation study, this will not be considered a promotion and will not result in a promotional increase.

Effective Date:  8/1/2000