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Adjunct faculty evaluation is an established procedure at the college. Its purposes are three-fold:

  1. To assist the faculty member, as part of an ongoing faculty development process, to improve instruction by ascertaining strengths as well as areas in need of further attention.  
  2. To provide the student an opportunity to present opinions in a constructive and effective manner.  
  3. To provide the supervisor with information to use in evaluating instructional quality, course structure and materials.  

During each semester, the division chairperson selects instructor/courses for evaluation by students. In some semesters, all instructors and courses may be evaluated. Forms and instructions are distributed to faculty, completed by students, and returned to the division chairperson. The results will be returned to both the division chairperson and the faculty member.

Departmental evaluation in the form of classroom observation and/or conferences between adjunct faculty and division chairperson or a designated full-time faculty member may be held at any time during the semester for purposes of improving instructional quality. All new adjunct faculty will be observed and evaluated in the semester in which they are hired. All adjunct faculty members will be evaluated each year. Copies of the student evaluation of faculty, classroom observation, and adjunct faculty evaluation forms are available in the division offices.

Effective Date:  8/1/2000