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College Policy Number/Title:

63.05     Performance Appraisal

Criteria for Evaluation

Faculty are evaluated based on performance in these areas:

A.   Teaching

  1. Class or Laboratory Load
  2. Office or Other Assigned Hours
  3. General Teaching and Laboratory Responsibilities
  4. Institutional Student Outcomes

B.   College Responsibilities

  1. Routine Responsibilities
  2. Major College Responsibilities (Not required of Assistant Instructors)

C.   Instructional Improvement

  1. Teaching Improvement
  2. Professional Development
  3. Program Development (Optional)

Specific requirements and criteria for evaluation are outlined in the Faculty Handbook.

Procedures and Time Line for Evaluation of Faculty Performance

Faculty provide the division chair with a brief list of plans for the next year in each area of responsibility, using the Faculty Annual Plan and Summary Form. The division chair will discuss the plan with the faculty person and will notify her or him of approval of the plan or of suggested modifications. If the faculty member and division chair cannot reach agreement on the plan, the vice president of academic affairs will resolve the dispute. A faculty member may, with the approval of the division chair, alter the plan at anytime during the year as circumstances change. The division chair might also have to request changes in the plan in the area of college responsibilities if circumstances in the division change. 

There will be two formal supervisor/faculty evaluation sessions during the regular academic year. The first scheduled session will occur during the months of December, January, or February. The final evaluation will be conducted during April and May. Each faculty member submits the Faculty Annual Plan and Summary to the division chairperson by April 15 or May 14 for faculty who are completing projects in courses during the spring semester. The supervisor's overall assessment of the faculty member's performance for the year will be made in writing. A ranking will be assigned in accordance with guidelines in the Faculty Evaluation and Merit System and will be used for the award of merit and to determine the type of contract issued to the faculty member.

To collect data for use in the formal evaluation process, student evaluations of faculty will be conducted in all classes during at least one semester each year. The vice president of academic affairs will determine the schedule for student evaluations of faculty. As specified in the Faculty Evaluation and Merit System, student evaluations may be used to determine the type of teaching improvement project required each year. In addition, consistently negative student evaluations may, where supported by other sources of data, be used in rating the faculty member's performance. New faculty will be evaluated by students in all sections of all courses during both semesters of their first two-years of employment.

Division chairpersons will also conduct classroom observations for every faculty member at least once every two years. More frequent visits to the classroom may be conducted if the division chairperson needs additional information on the faculty member's performance. Division chairpersons will visit the classrooms of new faculty twice during the first year and at least once during the second and third year.

Probationary Faculty

Special requirements for probationary faculty are outlined in the Faculty Evaluation and Merit System document on file in the office of the vice president of academic affairs.

Faculty members hired at the rank of instructor will receive a two-year continuing contract and will be promoted to the rank of assistant professor after three years of performance at the meritorious level.

Faculty members hired at ranks higher than instructor will receive a two-year continuing contract after three years of performance at the meritorious level. Those faculty seeking promotion must follow the guidelines for promotion for the rank they are seeking.

The expected period of probation is three years but may be extended for up to two additional years during which the faculty member is expected to assume full responsibilities of faculty members. A faculty member must receive a meritorious rating for at least three years, including the final year, and fulfill and requirements for probationary faculty to receive continuing contract.

Effective Date:  8/1/2000