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College Procedure Number/Title:

Howard Community College maintains a competitive compensation program consistent with available fiscal resources and with federal, state, and county laws and regulations pertaining to wage and salary practices.  The college recognizes that a superior teaching faculty and staff is essential for Howard Community College students and for the citizens of Howard County.  To ensure fair and competitive compensation, the college periodically reviews salaries internally and externally.  The board of trustees approves the salary schedules for employees.

To provide incentive and rewards for outstanding performance among all employees, the college offers a merit pay program for all position control/budgeted and temporary with benefits employees; compensation for merit performance is subject to available resources. 

Upper One-Third Compensation

To attract and retain superior faculty and to maintain a competitive position, the college's board of trustees sets the full-time faculty salary ranges to assure that they are in the upper one-third of full-time faculty salary ranges in Maryland's public community college system.

Effective Date:  05/09/14