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At times, it may become necessary to require certain non-exempt employees, as part of their employment agreement, to be in on-call status. On-call status duties are: (1) answering questions on the phone; and (2) being available to report to work on very short notice (within 15 minutes). Time in on-call status may be spent at home or on the college premises, depending on the needs of the college. Employees will be paid a specified on-call wage for scheduled time spent in on-call status and overtime while in on-call status will be calculated based on this on-call wage. The employee’s regular rate of pay becomes effective when the call to report to work is answered and continues for the duration of the time actually worked. Time-and-a-half will be paid for all hours worked over 40 per week; in calculating hours worked per week, hours in on-call status will be included.

Effective Date:  9/10/1996