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Along with the standard 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. work hours and other standard shift times at Howard Community College, flextime options may be available to full- and part-time position control/budgeted and temporary with benefits employees depending on office requirements.  Flextime arrangements can be made when they are consistent with the needs of the college and department, but all offices need to be covered during the standard work hours and additional hours of service.  Requests for schedules with half-hour lunch break or four-day workweeks cannot be administered fairly and cannot be considered.  All requests must be submitted in writing to the employee's supervisor and the supervisor must give written approval prior to the commencement of the revised schedule. 

Human Resources must be notified of any schedule changes where shift differential may be applicable.  See Hours of Work/Payment of Wages procedure 63.04.05).

College Closings

When the college or any campus or facility of the college opens late, each position control/budgeted or temporary with benefits employee will still be allowed to end the employee's shift at the normal departure time, regardless of whether the employee is on a pre-approved flexible schedule or not, and the employee will be paid for the portion of the shift not worked due to the closure.  Likewise, in the case of an early closure, each employee will be paid for the portion of the employee's normal shift not worked due to the closure, regardless of the employee's scheduled arrival time for duty.  Hourly/temporary employees, however, are only paid for time actually worked and do not receive pay while inactive during a college closure.

The granting of lunch breaks during a late opening or early closure is at the discretion of the supervisor in each unit.   

Effective Date:  05/09/14