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Along with the standard 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. work hours and other standard shift times, several specific flextime options may be available to employees depending on office requirements.  Flextime arrangements can be made when they are consistent with the needs of the college and department, but all offices need to be covered during the standard work hours and additional hours of service.  Requests for schedules with half-hour lunch break or four-day workweeks cannot be administered fairly and cannot be considered.  All requests must be submitted on the "Flextime Request" form and will be evaluated by supervisors, department heads and vice presidents.  Approved schedules must be signed and on file in the departmental offices.  Full and part-time position control/budgeted employees are eligible to apply for flextime scheduling.

“Flextime Request” forms are used only for employee requests.  When department heads assign schedules to meet college needs, the “Assigned Departmental Schedule Form” is used (see "Hours of Work/Payment of Wages" procedure 63.04.05).

Holidays and College Closings

When the college is scheduled to be closed for part of a workday or other standard shifts, Flextime schedules will normally be suspended and will revert to the standard 8:30 - 5:00 workday unless departmental needs require another schedule.  When the college or any campus or facility of the college closes early because of emergency conditions, supervisors will arrange schedule adjustments for employees who are on any schedule other than the standard one.

Effective Date:  8/1/2000