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Definition of Promotion

Promotion means that an employee’s job has changed dramatically resulting in a new classification.  There are two avenues to promotion at Howard Community College.

  1. From time to time, in order to meet the needs of an agile organization, it may be necessary to restructure jobs to meet the changing needs of the college and departments within the college.  As a result of such restructuring, if jobs have changed dramatically, those jobs will be evaluated using the college’s classification system during the annual budget planning process.  If the job evaluation results indicate that the changes are significant enough to warrant a new grade, the resulting classification will be considered a promotion for the incumbent.  It should be noted that if a position is reclassified upward as part of a college-wide job review and evaluation study, the change will NOT be considered a promotion.
  2. If an employee elects to apply and is hired for a position at a higher level, appointment to the new position will be considered a promotion.  This is considered a competitive promotion.

Note:  Division chair positions and associate division chair positions are appointment and not promotions.


When the duties performed by a staff member are expanded by the college administration to include substantially increased responsibilities and/or a current function performed on a part-time basis is determined to require increased coverage, the job description will be revised as necessary by the immediate supervisor and approved by the area's vice president and the president according to normal classification procedures during the budget planning cycle.  (See "Classification" procedure 63.06.02)  A classification may or may not result in a promotion.

Probation Following Promotion

Staff who are promoted will be required to complete the probationary period specified for new employees in  "Employment Definitions" procedure 63.03.01 and "Probation" procedure 63.03.02 unless the promotion is within the same area/department.  An employee promoted within the same area/department would be eligible for a probationary period a minimum of three months.  In order to be eligible for the three month probationary period with promotion, employees must have first successfully completed the one year probationary period.  At the end of the new probationary period a performance evaluation will be conducted.  Supervisors will receive an electronic request from the office of human resources to verify 
if an employee should be removed from probationary status or remain on probation.  Employees will be 
notified by the office of human resources regarding their probationary status.  In addition, employees who are removed from probation will receive a salary agreement in June for the next fiscal year.  This probationary period could be extended by the supervisor if approved by the president or area vice president.  If performance in the new position fails to meet acceptable standards for the position, the employee may revert to the former or similar position and pay status, providing one is available.  A copy of the evaluation will be filed in the employee's permanent personnel file located in the office of human resources.

Compensation for Promotion

Compensation procedures described in "Salary Administration and Schedules" procedure 63.04.11  of the "Compensation" policy 63.04 in this manual are followed.

Effective Date:  5/11/2007