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The process described in this section is to be used for non-exempt (hourly) temporary employees.  If offices need assistance in finding a temporary employee, human resources may have a pool of applicants on file. Offices may also seek out other temporary employees.

Step One:  Prior to the date the employee is scheduled to start work, the supervisor must complete the Hire-A-Temp employee form on the college portal.  This step is necessary when an employee is to start a new job or assignment whether or not the employee has been working in another department.  The form includes the following information, which is automatically sent to human resources.

  • Employee's first and last name
  • Colleague ID
  • Hourly Rate
  • Recommended Pay Grade (from Temporary Pay Guide)
  • College Area (VPAA, VPAF, etc)
  • Supervisor's name
  • Department
  • Room number
  • Cost center
  • Effective date (start date)
  • Sender's name
  • Sender's phone extension
  • Duties
  • Comments

Hourly Pay Rate   The hiring supervisor should review the Temporary Pay Guide and determine the appropriate temporary grade and hourly rate.  The Temporary Pay Guide is a guide to assist supervisors in determining a wage for employees based on the duties they will be performing.

Step Two: Prior to the date the employee is scheduled to start work, the potential employee completes and delivers the following to human resources in person and in one complete package (department heads or supervisors must verify that this happens).  A human resources staff member will give a brief orientation to the employee.  A complete package includes:

  1. Completed and signed application form;
  2. Tax forms;
  3. Confidential data sheet; and
  4. An I-9 form – the employee must have the necessary documents needed to verify employment eligibility; the verification will be completed in person by a human resources staff member.

If the employee is already working in another department, "Step Two" will have been completed previously.  ("Step One" is still required.)  Student temporary workers, even if they are in a work-study program, must complete a Howard Community College employment application form and confidential data sheet.

Step Three:  Human resources will complete the hiring process by entering the employee into the human resources/payroll system thereby verifying that the hiring process and all legally required documents have been completed.  Payroll will then be in a position to accept a completed time sheet.

Step Four:  The employee completes time sheets, which must include:  the cost center number, colleague id and requisite signatures.  Time sheets are due to payroll by the third workday following the end of each pay period.

Time sheets received by payroll for employees who have not completed the hiring process will not be processed until hiring is complete.

Step Five:  Hourly employees are paid for hours worked from the 1st to the 15th of the month on the last day of the month and are subsequently paid for hours worked from the 16th to the 31st of the month on the 15th of the following month.


Generally, temporary employees are paid on an hourly basis and all employees paid on an hourly basis are non-exempt employees eligible for overtime.  On occasion employees may be paid through temporary contracts when work involves a short-term assignment only.  These employees will be paid a flat amount and will not submit timesheets to payroll.  Whether an employee is exempt or non-exempt is prescribed by law and is not a choice of the employer.  See "Employment Definitions” procedure 63.03.01 or consult the office of human resources for a determination of whether the status is exempt or non-exempt.  Please note that the job duties and “deliverables” must be clearly specified in detail on the temporary contract.


The “Additional Assignment Form” (formerly Payroll Requisition Form) may not be used for hiring hourly/temporary employees; this form is designed for budgeted/position control/core work force employees and staff development instructors only. Time sheets are always required for non-exempt employees.  If a budgeted non-exempt employee is hired to teach a credit or non-credit course the additional assignment form is used and the wage and hour certification must be completed and reviewed before approved due to federal requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act.


On July 1 of each fiscal year eligible temporary employees will receive a merit adjustment contingent upon available funding.  The merit adjustment percent will be the same for all eligible temporary employees. To be eligible for a full July 1 merit adjustment, a temporary employee must fully meet and consistently meet or exceed all job expectations, have completed all required training and have worked a minimum of 900 hours in the last 12-month period.  Employees with more than 12 months of service who have worked 900 or greater cumulative hours since July 1, 2005, are also eligible to receive a July 1 merit adjustment.  Cumulative hours are re-set after each merit pay increase. 

If it is necessary to change the pay rate for a particular temporary assignment outside of the annual merit adjustment cycle, please submit a list of revised duties through the wage change form which is on the college Intranet.  The area vice president will review any changes in pay rate and notify the office of human resources of their approval.

Effective Date:  10/13/2006