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Howard Community College strives to recruit and hire a highly qualified, diverse faculty and staff guided by the following principles and processes.

Applicant Pools 

An applicant is a candidate who has applied for a specific position using the online recruitment system.  Any exceptions to applying online must be made through a request to the office of human resources for an accommodation.  Every effort will be made to ensure that recruitment and selection is conducted from diverse pools of qualified candidates.

Screening of Applicants

The recruitment system will perform a preliminary screening to determine if candidates meet minimum qualifications based on the screening questions developed in the requisition.  Screening questions must be related to the selection criteria.  Candidates who do not meet the minimum qualifications will be "inactive applicants."  A hiring manager may review "inactive applicants" at any time in the hiring process. 

Search Committees 

The formation of search committees is encouraged but not required for positions classified under grade 12, and diversity committee representation is recommended whenever possible.  A search committee is required for full-time faculty positions and staff positions classified at grade 12 level and above.  The hiring supervisor will appoint members representative of the college community’s population as defined in the college's diversity plan to serve on the committee.  In addition, each search committee for full-time faculty and staff positions classified at grade 12 level and above must include a current or past member of the diversity committee, to be appointed by the employment manager.  For faculty search committees, all division faculty are welcome to serve on faculty search committees as long as the large number of participants does not impede the process of scheduling the meetings.  However, in order to pose questions to or rate candidates the search committee member is strongly encouraged to attend all of the interviews.  The following guidelines are recommended minimums for each employment category:

Employment CategoryRecommended Minimum # of Committee MembersComposition of Committee Members


Diversity committee representative, search committee chair, members of college community


Diversity committee representative, search committee chair, at least two other division faculty, faculty member from outside the division, member of college community


Diversity committee representative (if grade 12 and above), search committee chair, members of office and college community as appropriate


Search committee chair, member(s) of office and college community as appropriate


Hiring Manager, member(s) of office

Search committee chairs are responsible for adding the list of search committee members to the requisition in the recruitment system before the screening and selection process begins.  Guidelines for search committees will be provided by the office of human resources.

Diversity Committee Representation

The office of human resources will appoint the diversity committee representative to searches as required.  The diversity member's involvement is essential at the earliest phase of the selection process-before selection criteria are set, questions are finalized, and resumes are screened by the search committee chairperson.  In accordance with the diversity plan, diversity committee members cannot serve on search committees as the diversity representative in the department in which they work. 

Travel Reimbursement 

Candidates for faculty, administrative, or professional/technical positions who are selected to be interviewed will be eligible for reimbursement of expenses incurred, contingent upon prior approval of the area vice president; appropriate documentation must be provided and reimbursement will generally not exceed one-night lodging plus either mileage or flight expense.  However, if an offer is made and the candidate does not accept, the candidate is eligible for reimbursement of only 50 percent of their expenses, not to exceed $250 in reimbursement.

Reference Checks 

The hiring manager or search committee members are responsible for checking the work references of candidates recommended for hire and documenting the information on the designated form.  Applicants must be notified by the hiring manager or the search committee prior to reference checks.  A completed application form provides authorization to check references.  See procedure 63.06.05 References and Background Investigations.

Verification of Credentials 

Academic credentials will be verified by the office of human resources when any position requiring credentials is filled.

Records and Forms

A number of recruitment and selection forms are used to ensure documentation on hiring decisions.  Samples include "Summary of Applications Evaluation Form," "Interview Evaluation Form," and "Telephone Reference Checklist."  Hiring managers are responsible for submitting documentation to human resources.

Extending an Offer 

All official offers of staff employment will be made, pending board approval, by the hiring manager.  Official offers of new full-time faculty employment will be made by the hiring manager or designee pending board approval.


The board of trustees, upon recommendation of the president, will act on all appointments to position control/budgeted positions.

Notification of Applicants Not Selected

The office of human resources will send notification to all applicants who are not selected for hire.

Orientation Program

A benefits orientation is required and budgeted faculty and staff are invited to participate by the office of human resources within their first two weeks of employment at the college.  College units may also schedule supplemental sessions for their employees.  The employee orientation goals include: explaining the college's benefits plans; establishing effective employee/employer communications; familiarizing the employee with the college's mission; and building teamwork.  A faculty orientation is provided by the instructional area for all new faculty. 

Adjunct Faculty 

Hiring procedures for adjunct faculty are somewhat different from other hiring procedures at the college.  A pool of adjunct faculty applicants by discipline is maintained in the office of human resources.  Division leaders and course coordinators may access these pools at any time to find an adjunct to hire.  A hiring packet, including but not limited to an application form, confidential data sheet, I-9, and tax forms, is sent from divisions to the office of human resources when an individual is hired. 

Noncredit Faculty

Most noncredit appointments are brief in nature, spanning a period of one or two semesters.  Employment needs emerge rapidly and cannot be anticipated in many cases; therefore, responsibility for non-credit recruitment is assigned to the associate vice president of continuing education and workforce development. 

Temporary and Acting Positions

The selection process for temporary and acting positions is unique to each acting position and depends upon the availability of a qualified person to fill the position on a temporary or acting basis.  A temporary on-call pool of hourly employees is maintained in the office of human resources.  Hiring managers may access this pool at any time to hire an hourly employee.  A hiring packet, including but not limited to an application form, confidential
data sheet, I9, and tax forms, isent from hiring managers to the office of human resources when an individual is hired. 

Effective Date:  09/12/14