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Recruitment Pools
College guidelines to advertise position vacancies are as follows:

  • Full-time credit faculty:  Internal, Regional and National
  • Division chair appointments:  Internal, Regional and/or National
  • Associate division chair appointments:  Internal, Regional and/or National
  • Administrative:  Internal, Regional and/or National
  • Professional/Technical:  Internal, Local and/or Regional
  • Support staff:  Internal, Local and/or Regional
  • Adjunct credit faculty:  Internal and Regional
  • Adjunct non-credit faculty:  Division of Continuing Education and Workforce Development Pool

Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Specifications

  1. All advertising will include the statement "HCC is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer and values diversity within its faculty, staff and student populations."  The college TDD (telephonic device for the deaf) number provides access for the hearing impaired.
  2. If the college uses the services of an employment agency to recruit personnel, that agency will be informed that the college is an equal opportunity employer and that referrals must be made in accordance with "Non-discrimination" policy 63.01.
  3. The college will follow the requirements of state and federal law regarding provision of equal employment opportunity through non-discrimination in its employment practices in recruitment, hiring, training, promotional opportunities, compensation, discipline, and termination.
  4. The office of human resources will maintain an applicant tracking system for all applicants and information indicating where advertisements have been placed and the sources used to aid in the recruitment of minorities.

Recruitment Procedures for Position Control/Budgeted Positions

To initiate a recruitment, the hiring manager must create a requisition using the recruitment system.  An up-to-date job description should be attached to the requisition.  All revisions to the job description should be communicated clearly by using the track changes feature in Word.  The information provided on the requisition will be used to advertise for the position.

The hiring manager and members of the search committee, if applicable, will have access to application materials immediately.  The job announcement will remain posted and applicants may apply for a minimum timeframe of two weeks.

Recruitment Procedures for Division Chair/Faculty Appointments

The eight division chairs represent faculty appointments rather than positions.  Division chairs are selected from existing faculty positions through an external and/or internal search process and normally serve a four-year term.  At the end of the four years, division chair appointments are re-opened to an external and/or internal search which can result in the reappointment of the same person or the appointment of a different individual.

If there is not an open faculty position to which the current division chair can return; the division chair is selected from existing faculty members through an internal search process.

If there is an open faculty position to which the current division chair can return; an external search for a new division chair/faculty member will be conducted if possible.

Recruitment Procedures for Adjunct Faculty

A pool of adjunct faculty applicants by discipline is maintained in the office of human resources.  Division chairs and course coordinators may access these pools at any time to find an adjunct to hire.  Advertisements are placed during the fall, spring and, if necessary, during the summer to ensure a sufficient applicant pool.

Recruitment Procedures for Temporary Personnel

Prior to hiring a temporary employee, hiring supervisors should check with human resources about available candidates and interview those qualified for the job.  When a candidate is selected, the hiring supervisor completes the “Hire a Temporary Employee” form prior to the date the employee starts work.  The form requires information on the cost center number, the employee’s name, the job duties, social security number and the exact start date. The office of human resources will verify that the proposed pay rate is accurate based on the job duties.  Existing applicant pools are maintained in the office of human resources when possible and employment agencies can be used to facilitate the hiring process.  All costs associated with the services of an employment or temporary agency must be covered by the requesting cost center.

Non-credit Recruitment Procedures

Most non-credit appointments are brief (one or two semesters), and employment needs emerge rapidly and cannot be anticipated in many cases; therefore, responsibility for non-credit recruitment is assigned to the division of continuing education and workforce development.

Effective Date:  2/9/2007