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Howard Community College will recruit and hire faculty and staff on the basis of job-related selection criteria, demonstrated ability, experience, and training.  Equal employment opportunity laws, guidelines, and the need to maintain a diverse workforce will guide all searches.  Every effort will be made to ensure that recruitment and selection is conducted from diverse pools of qualified candidates consistent with college policy concerning non-discrimination, equal employment opportunity and affirmative action.  To ensure uniformity in personnel practices and compliance with local, state and federal laws concerned with employment practices, hiring supervisors will adhere to specific institutional recruitment and selection procedures and guidelines.  Also see "Ethics and Conduct" policy 63.09 and "Nepotism" procedure 63.09.13 which require avoidance of conflict of interest, “non-participation” in decisions affecting relatives, and avoidance of inappropriate influence in situations such as hiring.

Effective Date:  05/09/14