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Howard Community College (the “college”) recognizes that sexual misconduct damages the integrity of the educational institution, destroys the institution’s positive work and educational atmosphere, and causes psychological and physiological damage to the victim.  The college condemns such illegal activity and is strongly committed to providing a learning and working environment free from any form of sexual misconduct.  Sexual misconduct is an umbrella term that includes sexual and gender-based harassment or discrimination, sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, sexual exploitation, sexual intimidation, and stalking.  Howard Community College prohibits and will not tolerate sexual misconduct.  Sexual misconduct is a form of sex discrimination prohibited by state and federal laws, including Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 as amended (“Title IX”) and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended, and also may constitute criminal activity. 

Howard Community College will promote a climate that is free from sexual misconduct through training, education and prevention programs.  The college will also promote prompt reporting, prohibit retaliation, and promote timely, fair, and impartial investigation and resolution of reported sexual misconduct.  Any employee, student, vendor, or affiliated person who engages in sexual misconduct in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action including but not limited to dismissal from a class, suspension from the college, termination of a contract or debarment in the case of vendors, or permanent expulsion or termination in the case of employees.   

All college community members are subject to this policy, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.  This includes all college students, faculty, and staff, as well as third parties and contractors under the college’s control.  Violations of the policy may occur between individuals or groups of individuals of any sexual orientation or actual or perceived gender identity.  This policy applies to sexual misconduct in connection with any college program or activity, including sexual misconduct: (1) in any college facility or on college owned or controlled property; (2) in connection with any college sponsored, recognized or approved program, visit or activity, regardless of location; (3) that impedes equal access to any college education program or activity or adversely impacts the employment of a member of the college community; or (4) that otherwise threatens the health or safety of a member of the college community.

Any type of retaliatory or intimidating behavior against a person who files a complaint or otherwise participates in an investigation or adjudicatory action is expressly prohibited by this policy.  Howard Community College will take strong disciplinary action against any individual or group of individuals found responsible for retaliating or intimidating, or attempting to retaliate or intimidate, another person for making a report of sexual misconduct, participating in the investigation of sexual misconduct, participating as a witness in an adjudicatory proceeding, or otherwise participating in any way in support of a person exercising rights under this policy.

A student who reports an incident of sexual misconduct, either as a complainant or a third party witness, will not be held responsible for violating the Student Code of Conduct if the student was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the incident.  HCC does not want the fear of receiving disciplinary charges and or disciplinary sanction to prevent a student from reporting an incident of sexual misconduct.


Any changes to this policy must be approved by the office of the vice president of student services, the office of human resources, and the Title IX coordinator.

Policy Manual Review/Revision:  06/29/15